Florida; Belize, Central America; & Jurisdiction, Inc. Prince Hall Affiliated

Grand Lodge Appointed Officers

Grand Senior Deacon Paul Stallings
Grand Junior Deacon Peter Bruton
Grand Senior Steward Dwayne Jones
Grand Junior Steward Michael Moore
Grand Tyler Dean Riddick
Grand Chaplain Donald McBride
Grand Marshal #1 Freeman Smith
Grand Marshal #2 Corey Brown
Grand CCFC  (Send A Message) Marcus Boston
Grand CPA John Grayson
Grand Patron Ronald E. Williams
Grand Associate Patron Raymond Cromartie
Knights of Pythagoras Director William Wims
GM Administrative  Asst. Kelsey Griffith
Asst. Grand Secretary Sandy Washington
Asst. Grand Secretary William Harrell
Grand Parliamentarian Matthew Stevenson
Grand Webmaster Kirk Hammond
Grand Lecturer Leonard Ross
Grand Historian Malcolm Haynes
Grand Pursuviant Cimino Jones
Aide de Camp Alvin Stribling
On Site Trustee Johnny McCray
Finance & Budget Alexander Carter
Grand Chief of Security Marc Garcia
Grand Security Melvin Jones
Grand Security Gregory May
President Deputy Council Randall Gavin
Education Director Charles Maxwell
Masonic Education Marlon Honeywell
Convention Director Derek Hutzley
Governmental Liaison Lorenzo Hall
Jurisprudence Chairman Kendall Moore
Magazine Director Kendall Moore
Magazine Committee Aaron Griffin (submissions)
Grant Program Director Donald Palm
Grievance & Appeals Chair Aubrey Brunson
Grand Photographer Emmett Kater
Grand Photographer James Levell
Grand Organist Cedric Mitchell
Condolence Corner Morris Goldwire
Assistant Grand Chaplin Ron Evans
Assistant Grand Chaplin Kyle Gibson
Assistant Grand Chaplin Ernest Powell
Assistant Grand Chaplin Darien Bolden

Zone 1
Grand Instructor Canary Williams
Grand Instructor Marlon Honeywell
Grand Instructor Theodus Baker
Grand Instructor Rhodni Skelton
Zone 2
Grand Instructor Isaac Burgess  
Grand Instructor Joshua Dixon  
Grand Instructor Lynwood Loper  
Grand Instructor Tobias Platts  
Grand Instructor Joseph Taylor  
Zone 3
Grand Instructor Elton Lewis  
Grand Instructor Yrvens Guerrier  
Grand Instructor Karl Burgess  
Grand Instructor Ashton Longsworth
Grand Instructor James Levell  
Grand Instructor Harlie Turner


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