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Masonic Uplifting
Grand Sessions



2014 - 2015

Dr. Osiefeld Anderson - Territorial Grand Master
Territorial Grand Master
Dr. Osiefield Anderson
Brother James Minus - Grand Senior Deacon
Grand Senior Deacon
James Minus
Brother Paul Stallings - Grand Junior Deacon
Grand Junior Deacon
Paul Stallings
Brother Pembrook Burrows - Grand Tyler
Grand Tyler
Pembrook Burrows
Brother Freeman Smith - Grand Marshal #1
Grand Marshal No. 1
Freeman Smith

Grand Marshal No. 2
Corey Brown
Brother William Wims - Grand Marshal #2
Grand Senior Steward
William Wims

Grand Junior Steward
Alvin Stribling
Brother WJ Carpenter - Grand Chaplin
Grand Chaplin
Rev. W.J. Carpenter

Brother Malcolm Haynes, Sr. - Grand Historian
Grand Historian
Malcolm Haynes
Brother Alexander Carter - Finance & Budget
Grand Finance & Budget
Alexander Carter

Grand Attorney
Brother John Grayson - Grand CPA
Grand CPA
John Grayson
Brother Kelsey Griffin - Grand Lecture #1
Grand Lecturer No. 1
Kelsey Griffin
Brother Leonard D. Ross - Grand Lecturer #2
Grand Lecturer No. 2
Leonard Ross

Assistant Grand Secretary

Sandy Washington


Assistant Grand Secretary

William Harrell

Brother James Brimberry - Grand Parliamentarian
Grand Parliamentarian
James Brimberry
Brother James Weatherspoon - Deputies President
Deputies President
Jimmy Weatherspoon
Brother Chauncey Hayes - Convention Director
Grand Convention Director
Chauncy Haynes
Brother Johnny McCray - Convention Assistant
Grand Convention Assistant
Johnny McCray
Brother Charles Maxwell - Education Chairman
Education Chairman
Charles Maxwell
Brother Richard El-Amin - Chief Security
Grand Chief Security
Richard El-Amin
Brother Melvin Wright - Bookstore Manager
Grand Bookstore Manager
Melvin Wright/Evelyn  Hayes
Grand Organist - Cedric L. Mitchell, Sr.
Grand Organist
Cedric L. Mitchell, Sr.
Brother Ceola Williams - Grand Pursuivant
Grand Aide-de-Camp
Ceola Williams

Grand Standard Bearer
Charles Brown

Grand Sword Bearer

Grand Pursuivant
Cimino T. Jones
Brother Johnny McCray - Convention Assistant

Grand On-site Trustee
Johnny McCray
Brother James Johnson - Grand Assistant Security
Grand Assistant Security
James Johnson
Brother Michael Campbell - Grand Assistant Security
Grand Assistant Security
Michael Campbell